TAAS - Team as as Service

TAAS - Team as as Service

We work closely with our clients in partnership, providing human resources, extensive knowledge, and expertise.

We deliver our knowledge - you provide necessary infrastructure

Seamless integration with your existing development team.

Skilled staff speaking English and German

Our developers work closely with all team members.

We work with top-notch technologies available on the market.

In-house progress and budget control.

Flexible staffing for your project's needs.

Save the money

Building a team that can deliver on deadlines and has the vibe needed is a challenge. Hiring the right team generates a lot of HR overhead and is very costly in general. It could take many months or weeks to find well-experienced candidates that will fit into the team. That’s why the Team as a Service is the right choice because it saves funds on the acquisition and you don’t have to hire the people and keep them on the payroll.

Skilled developers

Whether you need Backend Developer who knows Java or Kotlin, or a UI Developer who is quite familiar with APIs and Unit Testing, you are in the right place. What we need from you is the list of qualifications and skills required for the project - simply contact us. Basing on that we will look for the right candidates who will not only fulfill the project requirements but also will speak your language. Most of our developers speak English/ German and are skilled in various areas like Backend, Frontend or QA Testing.


Some people are skilled in writing robust backend code, while others have a better focus on dynamic and responsive Frontend. What we all have in common us all is the experience we gained over the years in many different areas of the economy like the automotive, telco, banking or insurance industries. Thanks to our previous experiences we can now understand better the various need of different companies and clients. Still not convinced? Call us or write us!

How we work

People sitting in internet caffe working on their computers


In this phase idea is born and presented to us


Requirements are presented, and an estimation is made.


Each requirement is analysed for feasibility and viability.


Coding starts

QA Testing:

Testing and Bug finding

Live Deployment & Support:

Deploying to production



Komfortowa 8

02-995 Warsaw

VAT-EU: PL5242676531

+48 509 464 593

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